Trend alert: Kim Kardashian's new hair is 2019's answer to ombré 1 year ago

Trend alert: Kim Kardashian's new hair is 2019's answer to ombré

Love her or hate her, there seems to be little Kim Kardashian can't do.

From entertainment powerhouse and beauty mogul to criminal justice activist and lawyer-in-training, the world has come to accept that it's best never to underestimate Kim in anything she does.


That's why we're fairly sure she's about to make ombré hair happen all over again.

Yep, ombré hair may have had its moment back when LMFAO were last in the charts (Google it), but Kim's now rocking it so it must be back.


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Her hair stylist Chris Appleton shared a photo of her debuting the new look. He calls the colour 'cool chocolate brown' but the gradient finish, going from deep brunette at the roots to a much lighter tone in the ends, is very familiar to us.

This is not the ombré of 2011 though. The ashiness and more subtle shade transition make this style feel 2019-appropriate.

Of course, Kim herself is unlikely to stick with this shade for very long. She's already been posting photos of herself with darker hair since Chris shared his photo a few days ago – but we don't doubt that her ombré look will inspire plenty of copycats.