Kourtney Kardashian's new makeup collaboration could be our favourite one YET 3 years ago

Kourtney Kardashian's new makeup collaboration could be our favourite one YET

Yesterday, Kourtney Kardashian turned 39-years-old.

And in true Kardashian style, the eldest daughter of Kris Jenner celebrated her birthday with massive party balloons and by dropping a new product to mark the day.


Teaming up with her sister Kylie Jenner, the duo released a new collection for Kylie's line KylieCosmetics. Titling it KOURT X KYLIE, the collection features three liquid lipsticks and and four eyeshadow quattros.

All the packaging is holographic and going from the teased images on Instagram last night, this collection is sure to sell out. Incredible pigments, metallics and one to two matte colours in each palette, we need this incredible collection.

So what do we know about the collection so far?


Well, every product from the collection will be available to buy next week, April 24 via KylieCosmetics here.

And the products in the collection include the following...

Firstly, this bronzed palette featuring two metallics and two mattes. That cranberry matte colour is AMAZING.

Secondly, this shimmery quattro features three metallics and one matte. Perfect neutral hues for the summer with once again, incredible pigment.


The third quattro features two of the same shades as the second one, the shade her finger is on is called "GLUTEN FREE", in true Kourtney K style.

The final quattro looks to die for, featuring striking colours of berry, emerald green, pink and rose gold, we love the look of this one!


And lastly just LOOK at those swatches. Those shimmers are phenomenal and so summery, these swatches are from the first three quattros.

And these swatches are from the green KOURT palette. The berry shade is dramatic but we can imagine it being our go-to colour for festivals.


And finally on the eyeshadows, this is the packaging of the boxes. Very different to KKW beauty collection, we are digging the holographic, colourful print.

Moving from eyes to lips, as the first product Kylie Jenner ever launched from her brand - lipsticks and glosses still remain her biggest seller on her site and therefore each collection has got to feature at least one liquid lipstick. Kourtney's line has three. Titled RAD, FRENCH KISS and MINNIE, these colours give you a choice of pink, red and a brown/nude shade.

The packaging on the lipsticks once again features that holographic sparkle, groovy.

The whole collection will be available to purchase April 24 via her website here.

Now there is only one sister left to collaborate with for a makeup collection... ooooh Kendall...