It looks like rose brown hair is the new 'it' colour for summer 4 years ago

It looks like rose brown hair is the new 'it' colour for summer

We always love a change up for summer.

And whether it's small or drastic, changing your hair colour just as the sun arrive can give you a big boost.


But it seems like there's a new colour on the scene, and we have to say, we adore it.

Rose gold has been around for a few years now, and if you were a fan of it, then you're going to love rose brown.

Yep, brunettes can now get in on the trend and colour expert Alex Morton told Stylist that it's all about being adaptable.


“Rose brown offers a variety of possibilities for brunettes to play around with," he said.

"It can range from a rich slightly purple-red to soft blush pinks and gives dark hair a flavour of something new and fun.”

It also works for any tone, and if you haven't dyed your hair in a while, that's no problem either.


“The fade on darker hair (purple/red tones) is minimal as we’re working with the natural pigment of the hair emphasising the undertones," said Sarah Black, another colour expert.

"If you have mousey hair the pinky-rose tones will fade out and leave you with a beautiful warm golden blonde.”

Rose brown would be perfect for festival season, don't you think?