Love is in the air: 3 new fragrances we love – just in time for Valentine's Day 1 year ago

Love is in the air: 3 new fragrances we love – just in time for Valentine's Day

Hello (almost) spring.

Valentine's Day is around the corner, the world is once more opening up and our lives are slowly going to start looking more and more normal.


Finally, finally, we can dress up again, go dancing again, go for brunch and lunch and dinners, and I don't know about you, but I cannot wait to feel excited for dressing up once more.

And when it comes to dressing up, spritzing on perfume before leaving the house is something so many of us have not done now for almost two years. And now we are so ready to do so again. Scent is so much more than just something you put on to smell nice. Your fragrance can be an invisible statement about how you feel that day. It can give you confidence, make you feel sexy, fun and in control – and act as an extra layer of armour as you face the day.

And right now, we are so ready for a fresh start with some of these gorgeous new scents that are launching shortly:

1. Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb Ruby Orchid


Ruby Orchid boldly extravagant fragrance inspired by the theatrical tradition of the burlesque.

Perfect for a hot Valentine's Day date, this perfume is made to tease and seduce. Confident, yet glamorous — and just slightly provocative — the Ruby Orchid woman owns the show.

Flowerbomb Ruby Orchid pairs an Orchid and a vanilla accords — a voluptuous, rich Ruby Orchid Flower accord and an intensely sensual and surprisingly opulent Red Foxy Vanilla Bean accord.

Prices from €67 for 30 ml, Viktor & Rolf Ruby Orchid launches in Ireland in February and will be available instore an online from Irish retail partners Brown Thomas, Arnotts, Boots & select independent pharmacies nationwide.


2. Maison Margiela When The Rain Stops

Inspired by nowhere else but our very own Dublin, Maison Margiela's new scent When The Rain Stops follows in the footsteps of last year’s ‘Autumn Vibes’.

When The Rain Stops’ imagines a scene where when the rain stops, the sky clears up. Clouds disappear, making way for bright, warm rays of sunlight. The landscape is dotted with muddy puddles. The air is filled with the invigorating smell of an early spring downpour. Raindrops drip from tree leaves. The dark, cold days of winter are finally behind us. It’s time to reconnect with nature.


‘When the Rain Stops’ opens with a vibrant pink pepper essence blend with the fresh and luminous Rose petal essence. And together they recreate the joyful feeling of seeing the sun return after the rain, like the promise of a better tomorrow. The other main sensation conveyed by ‘When The Rain Stops’ is the wet freshness of nature after the rain. This earthy and woody freshness is recreated by the association of Patchouli Bali essence, Pine needle essence and a unique aquatic accord.

Prices from €56 for 30 ml, Maison Margiela When The Rain Stops is launching in February, and the Dublin 1967 scents will be on sale at Brown Thomas and Arnotts and their online sites.

3. YSL Black Opium Eau de Parfum Illicit Green

A call to party all night under flashy neon lights. Edgy. Experimental. And so, so desirable it should be illicit… this is the fragrance for the woman who likes to paint the town red – or, in this case, Illicit Green.


In YSL Eau de Parfum Illicit Green, the Black Opium’s signature floral coffee accord is infused with a fresh, bold mix of sparkling green mandarin, crisp fig leaf and creamy fig flesh accords.

Priced from €65 for 30 ml, Black Opium Eau de Parfum Illicit Green is available from 26th January from Brown Thomas Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Galway and at their online stores.