Love Island's Faye excited to have lip filler dissolved 9 months ago

Love Island's Faye excited to have lip filler dissolved

The star will get to see her natural lips for the first time in years.

Faye Winter has been sharing her journey towards dissolving her lip filler with her followers on social media.


The former Love Island star shared on Monday that she would be getting her lip filler dissolved, and over the next few days, would be seeing her natural lips for the first time in years.

Taking to her Instagram stories earlier this week she explained her decision.

In her car, she told her followers: "So today is a very exciting day.

"I don't know if it's exciting or terrifying, but I'm going to get my lips dissolved and have natural lips."


Faye continued: "As you're aware, one side is bigger than the other and that happened due to a lovely challenge in the villa.

"And I've got a lump up underneath now which I've never had before.

"It's not anyone's fault or any practitioner's fault prior, it is purely because of the challenge and you can see that there it's bigger as well."

She went on: "So I'm going to get them all dissolved. And have my natural lips which I've not seen for years and then have them refilled next week."


Taking to TikTok, Faye's doctor, @dr.motox, shared a video which suggested he put Faye on a "lip filler ban".


@dr.motoxWhen you put your client on a filler ban @Faye__Winterofficial ##fayewinter ##loveisland ##drmotox ##lipfiller

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In the comments, he replied to fans who thought she was having her lips refilled, saying: "She's not having more."

Faye is not the only Love Island contestant to have their lip filler dissolved after their time in the villa. Last year, Molly-Mae Hague opted to remove her lip and jaw filler after describing the procedures as one of her biggest regrets.

In an Instagram video, she told fans: "I’ve just made so many mistakes when it comes to filler and work done on my face and I’m slowly starting to reverse it all."

She added: "I'm weirdly happy about it. I don't know how to feel. I've gone back to 15 year-old me again."