MAC decided to show a model's upper lip hair and it caused a serious divide 3 years ago

MAC decided to show a model's upper lip hair and it caused a serious divide

Wow, it's a real human lip.

Why are we forever determined to keep our bodies hair free? From keeping our legs baby soft to our brows beautifully plucked and our vaginas Hollywood, it seems we've grown up with the idea that hair which isn't on your head is ugly and embarrassing and something that women shouldn't embrace.


And this mindset is obviously something which isn't fading despite the fact we're meant to be moving forward towards a world that "embraces" all types and forms of beauty.

Unfortunetly, some people are still too fixated on the sight of a stray lip hair, so much so that they feel the need to actually comment on a photo to complain about it *sigh*.

Yes, in a photo uploaded by MAC Cosmetics over the weekend, it showed an up-close shot of lips featuring a gorgeous chestnut lipstick. But, it wasn't the lipstick drawing comments no, rather the TINY bit of lip hair that one user explained:

"Demanded to be plucked".


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But that wasn't the only dig, another wrote:

"Someone forgot about the fuzz lol."

With another commenting...

"That stash tho... yock!"

But thankfully, there are some people in the world who're actually aware that we're not made of plastic or hairless as they commented to defend the brand and the model.


"You need to literally get a grip, this is beautiful and guess what? REAL women have hair, yeah it actually grows out of our bodies and faces too d*ckhead!".

While another wrote...

"Well done MAC, we need to see more of this and less of the trolls, embarrassing."

If you want to wax everything from your eyebrows down or simply let it all grow out, guess what? It's your choice. We shouldn't have a narrow view on what beauty is nor should we entertain publications, brands or people who do. Word.