This man's ran about tanning mitts is going viral because it's so sweet 6 years ago

This man's ran about tanning mitts is going viral because it's so sweet

The struggle is real Mat!

For many girls, applying fake tan is part of their routine on a Saturday night.


For those who do use it regularly you'll be aware of the struggle of tanning your back. You will usually employ your mother, sister or roommate to give you a hand with those awkward areas but sometimes boyfriends get stuck with the task.

While many of them don't mind doing it, the size of the mitt can make it difficult if they happen to have large hands.

This is the issue that Matt Edwards is faced with every time he goes to tan his fiancé's back.

He decided to approach tanning company Bondi Sands about the issue in a hilarious and pretty romantic Facebook post.


''Dear Bondi sands,
My fiancé, much like many other women out there enjoy your tanning products and she has no complaint whatsoever. But I do...'' He began.

''I, and what I could assume that many other men out there, must assist our lovely partners in their tanning procedure and this includes applying your tanning foam to places they are unable to reach.''

He explained, and added that he had an issue.
''My only and one complaint is that your application mitt is not suitable for my hands. I am, what could be assumed as average size, and can only think that this mitt does not fit many other mans hands out there.

''I am sure, much of my displeasure, that my gorgeous fiancé will continue to use your lovely products regardless of my issue.
But please, in future make the mitt bigger or include an extra mitt for those men out there that must assist the women they love.
Thank you for your time.'' 

The brilliant post has to date, received over 37 thousand shares and over 9 thousand comments, most of which are women tagging their boyfriends who, presumably, can relate.


No response from the company just yet, but we reckon their production team will be looking in to making a larger tanning mitt to accommodate everyone.