Meet YouTube's Hottest New Beauty Blogger 8 years ago

Meet YouTube's Hottest New Beauty Blogger

It's fair to say that there is no shortage of beauty bloggers. In fact, the population grows day by day - as women across the world take to webcams to share their hints, tips and favourite products. 

In a crowded market, it's tough to make a splash. But Melissa55 is showing how it's done.


The YouTuber is blonde, beautiful and confident in front of the camera. She's also a 60-year-old mother of two and grandmother of seven.

The Tennessee woman has racked up thousands and thousands of views on her beauty-focused videos, which cover everything from treatment reviews to tips on accessories and "how to get a hair bump overnight".

Proving it's not just a younger person's game, Melissa55 has won the hearts of the Internet with her Southern charm, and now that she has been featured on the likes of Jezebel and Refinery29 - the only way is up.