There's a calculator that'll tell you how much money you spent on makeup last year 3 years ago

There's a calculator that'll tell you how much money you spent on makeup last year


Or not so grim, depending on how much money you spend and whether your products are good value or not.


When it comes to makeup, sometimes splashing a bit of cash is all you can do to ensure that you're not caked or orange or covered in something that resembles Dream Matte Mousse.

And then, at the same time, sometimes finding the right bargain is the solution to all your makeup woes.

Either way, as a nation, we spend a lot of money on looking well, and now there's a calculator that can tell us exactly how much.


Fragrance Direct has launched an online calculator that will tell you how much cash you're spending on makeup every year on average.

The truth hurts, but sometimes, it's necessary.

The app asks you to click the products you use during your daily makeup routine, pick whether they tend to cost under £5, between £5 and £20, or over £20, and it'll calculate how much you're spending every year.


Now, the calculator is in pounds sterling so you're going to have to do a bit of quick currency exchange if you want to figure out how many euros you're spending.

According to Fragrance Direct, the average woman in the UK uses 12 products in their daily beauty regime, coming to £482.51 spend every year.

My result was ever so slightly higher than the average, using 17 products, spending £612 every year, and £1.70 every day on just my face.


You can work out how much you spend on your face here.

Or not.

Maybe it's better to live in denial after all.