Our top 3 winter lippy shades from Carter Beauty Cosmetics 1 year ago

Our top 3 winter lippy shades from Carter Beauty Cosmetics

Brought to you by Carter Beauty Cosmetics.

Does anyone else find it SO MUCH easier to dress up in winter?

With the demands of Christmas dinners, extra catch-ups with our favourite girl pals and work parties galore this festive season, it's officially time to dress-up ladies!

While some of us have better luck scanning the shopping rails and finding a gem, the makeup side of things can be a little trickier. So, we're keeping it SUPER affordable, ultra glam and superior in quality — we're taking a little peek at Carter Beauty Cosmetics. Here are our top three winter lippies from the Word Of Mouth range.

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1. Meghan

Firstly, all these gorgeous lippies are a sweet €6.45 — so there's no breaking the bank. Better yet, the consistency is spot on. No cracked lips, no wearing off after an hour, just vivid colour and a moisture rich finish.

Meghan isn't red, but for anyone who adores red, yet, is a little fearful of an overly dramatic look can rest assured that this beautiful raspberry hue will look stunning with that outfit you're planning to waltz around in. It's ideal for evening time and it won't drain a pinch of colour from your skin.

2. Debbie

Could we find anything more versatile? We think not. Not only will Debbie bring you from morning 'til night with ease — this handbag essential works perfectly with every possible ensemble.

It especially adds a gorgeous, fresh hue to our appearance during crispy cold weather.

3. Maya

For a purple hued lippy that you can trust, look to Maya. It's something a little different, it'll go with just about anything whether you're donning blue, black, red or green — plus it'll bring a delicate vamp vibe to your look with just one sleek extra layer.

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Brought to you by Carter Beauty Cosmetics.