Paul Hollywood denies using fake tan to maintain his golden brown look 3 years ago

Paul Hollywood denies using fake tan to maintain his golden brown look

Could've fooled us, mate.

The Great British Bake Off has been back for a few weeks now, and during that time a few things have become quite apparent.


One is that the UK public (and by extension, the Irish public) enjoy watching people systematically avoid soggy bottoms.

Another is that Paul Hollywood has got some tan on him.

Like, incredibly so.

The man is a bronze bread-God and we are not worthy of his baked goods goodness.


And although it's fairly likely that Hollywood has dipped into the odd bottle of Bondi Sands during his precious time on this earth, according to him, he hasn't been touching the stuff as of late. reports that the Bake Off judge has admitted to getting a slagging over the colour of his tan, but that he denies using any sort of product to keep it as golden as it appears.

"The make-up girls take the mickey because I am getting darker and darker cause it’s getting warmer in the tent," he said.


"It gives me a baker’s tan."

Fair enough, man.

This comes after Hollywood and 24-year-old girlfriend Summer Monteys-Fullam ended their relationship after she refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

The legally-binding document, published in The Sun, banned both of them from discussing their relationship, sex life, their respective business dealings and finances, and Paul's former marriage to ex-wife Alex.


Summer would also not be allowed to mention that the privacy agreement even existed.

She refused to sign it, a source told the publication, and decided to move out of the home they bought together earlier this year.

"Paul told Summer she needed to sign the NDA and that it was no big deal," the insider said.

“Summer flat-out said no. In the days that followed Paul got his lawyers to call Summer on her mobile to try and get her to sign it.


“For someone less strong it would have all been too much but Summer stood her ground.”