Perfume PARTY: Here are five delicious scents we're loving this month 1 year ago

Perfume PARTY: Here are five delicious scents we're loving this month

Heaven in a bottle.

So, I would describe myself as a bit of a perfume nerd.

Everyone has their thing, and one of mine is perfume.

I am always on the look out for new and gorgeous scents, that suit various different places and times.

Do you have a perfume that you only really wear on mad nights out?

Or perhaps a specific smell you prefer to wear on holiday?

Well, I probably have about 0, and I use them depending on my mood, the weather, or where I am.

So, I have decided that I will start sharing my perfume discoveries with you gals on a monthly basis.

It'd be a shame to keep them to myself.

So, here are my five favourite perfumes for the month of April.


YSL Mon Paris, €55.80.

Capturing the spirit of an intense love affair, YSL just introduced the new 'Mon Paris' perfume. Described as a new expression of love, inspired by the city of lovers, Paris.

Mon Paris is a fragrance which urges you to seize the moment transcend the present and prepare to fall head over heels into the arms of a passionate love. Ooh la la, right? The new floral perfume turns the traditional model upside down, by introducing a brave, bold narcotic white chypre.

Jo Malone Frangipani Flower Cologne, €115.

Have you ever wanted to bottle the smell of summer? Well, this is close enough.

Falling into the heart of a frangipani flower, you will honestly be entranced by its solar warmth and sweet, airy lightness. Accented by luminous jasmine petals and exotic ylang ylang and underpinned by creamy sandalwood and topped with a fresh twist of lemon.

Calvin Klein Women, €39. 

Celebrating the multifaceted nature of femininity, Calvin Klein Women fuses strength and freshness with fragility and sensuality.

Drawing inspiration from the inherent freedom and empowered reality of modern women, this perfume celebrates the feminine spirit in all its forms. A light pink hue composed of delicate orange flower petals layered with fresh eucalyptus acorns open to reveal a rich heart of Alaskan cedarwood.


Roger & Gallet Bienfait Fragrant Wellbeing Water, €37.

This delicious scent smells like a warm spring day - fresh and invigorating.

It contains the essential oil of the blood orange, which spreads its beautiful vitality to our minds. It's also complimented by three other essential oils: mandarin, bergamot and lemon. There are also notes of violet leaves and orange blossom, which sweeten the heart of the scent!

Glossier You, €58.

You’ll find that You makes a good first impression, and lives up to it as time goes on.

Each note was chosen and balanced to allow the juice to be both long-lasting and true to how it smells at the beginning, without changing as it dries down. In other words, it’s heavy on the base notes. I'd describe it as creamy, sparkling, clean, warm, if that makes sense?