The incredible €6.80 primer that will give you the most perfect skin you've ever had 2 years ago

The incredible €6.80 primer that will give you the most perfect skin you've ever had

You're welcome.

Whether you typically wear a full face of makeup or prefer a more natural look, primer is a must-have for your makeup bag if you want to achieve a smoother, more radiant complexion.


Many people skip this step because they believe they don’t need it, are unsure of how to use it or simply don’t realise the benefits.

However, using primer underneath your makeup will make everything last longer, whether that’s on your skin or in your makeup bag.

I promise, it's a step you shouldn't skip.

Especially useful in the summer months or just sweaty situations in general (le gym, if that's your scene).


Primer will help your makeup stay in place and give your complexion an even skin tone and glow-boost. Stun, right?

You can also use a primer on top of your makeup to give your skin an instant pick-me-up and refresh during the day.

(I always have a tube in my bag, just incase I need a lift!)

Or if you’re lucky enough to have a gorgeous complexion, wearing primer on its own will help to even out skin irregularities and blur blemishes for an everyday, naturally glowing look.



However, with so many primers available for different skincare requirements including oily t-zones, blemishes, pigmentation or dryness, choosing the right one can be daunting.

Luckily, *drumroll please* Catrice Cosmetics has launched a stunning new primer, that has 10 amazing functions.

The brand new TEN!SATIONAL 10 IN 1 Dream Primer unites ten instantly perfecting and multi-protecting benefits in one single product.


The lightweight texture primes the skin, blurs imperfections and evens out the skin tone. Unreal.

Pores are instantly minimised and the appearance of wrinkles is visibly softened.

This DREAM Primer hydrates the skin and provides a natural glow, it also has an anti-pollution and anti-oxidation effect.

Oh, and of course, it's vegan.

This baby is currently retailing for an incredible €6.80, so really, there's no reason not to pick one up.


It's available in pharmacies and Penney’s stores nationwide.