Santa hat brows are apparently now a thing and we kind of love them 3 years ago

Santa hat brows are apparently now a thing and we kind of love them

2017 has almost come to an end.

And with less than two weeks to go until we're ringing it 2018, you would think we had seen it all when it comes to bizarre beauty trends.


It seems like there's been a new brow trend sweeping the internet every other day this year - from dragon brows to squiggle brows and just about everything in between.

But the newest one is here - and it's going to help you sleigh your look for the holidays.

We've already seen Christmas tree brows this year, but the latest look involves a tribute to Father Christmas himself.

Yes, that's right, Santa hat brows are here.

As the name suggests, the look is all about your brows into the same cap worn by the man in red.


The first version of St Nick's bobble hat doing the rounds on social media involves colouring in your brows red, with a white bobble at the end.


But if you're not feeling the holly jolly look, other people have been doing a toned down version of the look - painting a mini-hat midway through the brows.

Some folks have even gone above and beyond for the festive facial design, using sparkly gems to decorate the mini-hat.


Featured image via Instagram/dani3___