These are the most searched for Skincare Products and Ingredients of 2021 6 months ago

These are the most searched for Skincare Products and Ingredients of 2021

Are some of your favourites included?

From alpha hydroxy acids to zinc, there are hundreds of skincare ingredients and products popping up each year promising your best complexion ever. But how can you possibly know which ones are the best and what each one does?


With the end of the year drawing nearer, LookFantastic have released their 2021 Skincare Report where they have analysed Google search data to identify the most searched for skincare ingredients and products of 2021 so that you know which ones to carry into the new year.

1. The Ordinary Peeling Solution

The most popular skincare product of the year is The Ordinary’s infamous AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution.


The rave for the product began on TikTok. Now with over 18.8 Million views on the social media app alongside a whopping 33,100 monthly searches on Google, it’s pretty clear that it should be in everyone’s skincare toolkit.

The Ordinary has also dominated 2021, its affordable price-range and straight to the point packaging has resulted in 3 of their products all ranking in the top 10.

2. Weleda Skin Food

With one sold every 16 seconds, 27,100 monthly searches and stars like Julia Roberts, Victoria Beckham and Scarlett Johansson all confessing their love for it, Weleda Skin Food is a must have product for anyone looking for seriously glowing skin.


It has the second biggest search volume of 2021. It's a super affordable cult beauty buy that will literally feed your skin with the hydration it needs this winter and is set to explode further in 2022 with this deeply moisturising formula.

3. Clinique Moisture Surge
A product that needs no introduction, Clinique’s Moisture Surge is a bestseller across the globe and has maintained its title in 2021 with 27,100 searches for it every month, ranking above La Roche and Elemis.

It’s donned by the likes of Gilian Anderson who swears by its incredibly hydrating and moisturising properties.


With 74,000 monthly searches for the ingredient alone each month, alongside 22,200 monthly searches of its other name, ‘BHA’ (Beta hydroxy acid), salicylic acid is the most popular skincare ingredient of 2021 which may make sense, considering it is one of the best ingredients to treat rosacea and blackheads - what the report found to be this years’ biggest skincare concerns.

Hyaluronic Acid and its plumping benefits has also been immensely popular this year, followed closely by the hyperpigmentation fighting ingredient Vitamin C. Other contenders include retinol, benzoyl peroxide and the rather surprising contender of lactic acid which is also great for treating hyperpigmentation.

This surge in increase for products that help combat hyperpigmentation is due to it being the third biggest skincare concern of the year.

Not surprisingly the report found the biggest skincare concern of 2021, to be rosacea - a condition that is triggered by mask wearing!