This setting spray keeps my makeup fresh for AGES and it's less than €8 4 years ago

This setting spray keeps my makeup fresh for AGES and it's less than €8

There's no need to spend a fortune on setting sprays.

And this is something I learnt when I found this gem and realised that it works the exact same magic as its €33/€35 counterparts.


Keeps my makeup looking fresh? Check.

Gives a highlight finish? Check.

Makes my makeup look airbrushed? Check.

Has a nice smell? Check yet again.


The setting spray I'm on about is that from Flormar. Called 'makeup fix spray', this handy can is honestly my go-to product even when I'm just wearing tinted moisturiser and a subtle eye, I feel it puts that necessary finish to my makeup leaving it with a golden glow and little to zero movement all day.

Plus, this product is only €7.49 meaning you can lash it on without feeling like you're burning €1 with every spray. (However, don't over-spray, 2-3 quick spritzes is enough).

This can is also small and neat, fitting in most makeup bags meaning easy to travel with plus, it's under 100ml for planes - hurrah!


I often harp on about Flormar products but the thing is, they have a few key products which often go un-noticed and TBH, they're deadly and so worth a shot! (Plus they're super cheap and I love a good bargain).


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If you like MAC's velvet teddy lipstick, then good news, Flormar has a dupe and since writing about it, I've had loads of girls message me on just how similar they too think they are - success!


You can read all about that here.

Flormar products are available to purchase in most leading pharmacies and they also have a stand in Penneys' stores, where I usually nab my bits. The Penneys on Mary St, Dublin 1, has a seriously good selection with basically the entire collection - hurrah yet again!