SoSue reckons her new hair has sparked a trend (and we kinda agree) 10 months ago

SoSue reckons her new hair has sparked a trend (and we kinda agree)

SoSue is currently in Dubai - and while we continue to have mega-envy of her jet-set lifestyle, her HAIR is also proving complete #goals.

The Dublin blogger cut her long tresses shorter last October; then at the end of November she really took the plunge, embracing a textured, shoulder-length bob. In the interim, a load of fans have been getting the chop too.

Indeed, on Monday from Dubai Suzanne stated on Instagram: "The amount of people snapping me saying they're cutting they're [sic] hair." She also included the hashtag #SueChop.

The 33-year-old then ran a poll, asking if folk were considering going shorter - with 25 percent admitting they were tempted.

Ms Jackson usually goes to Jane in Red Velvet in Malahide to get her colour and cut done. She also wears Gold Fever hair extensions.

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Back in November, Suzanne wrote on her blog: "This time last year, I could NEVER have envisioned myself cutting my hair up this short… but now that I have done it, I’m really loving it and how handy it is!

"A lot of my favourite international fashion bloggers (Olivia Culpo/ Camila Coelho) are all rocking super short hair at the moment and they look amazing, so I figured, 'what the hell! Let’s go a bit shorter!'"

For her wedding last August, Sue opted for tumbling Hollywood-style waves - quite the contrast to her current look.

"I read a few comments on my social media from followers who said that lots of ladies tend to get their hair cut once their wed!" she added.

"I had genuinely never heard of that before so I found it really funny when I was reading about it, but hey maybe it’s true. Maybe we do it without even realising."