Stressed? Anxious? Overwhelmed? Why not give yourself a Sound Bath? 2 years ago

Stressed? Anxious? Overwhelmed? Why not give yourself a Sound Bath?

No actual baths needed.

It's a stressful time to be alive; this we know.


Unemployment is rife, the economy has shut down, physical contact is a no-go... unless you live in the same household.

Normality as we know it has been put on hold, the absence bringing with it anxiety, uncertainty, and oftentimes, panic.

And while a lot of us have turned to practices like yoga or meditation to give us a break from the chaos of the world outside our homes, many people have been left struggling to find a way to provide a sense calm.

Enter the Sound Bath - a new and innovative way of encouraging the restless mind to rest... entirely through audio.


And no, you don't even need a bath.

Irish skincare company VOYA have teamed up with sound therapist Andrew Tyler to offer a new kind of healing; a sensory experience that can be achieved entirely from the comfort of your own home - as long as it's quiet.

The concept of a Sound Bath is simple: it's a form of meditation that's also a sensory experience. Using gongs, chimes, singing bowls, and tongue drums, sound therapist Andrew creates harmonic frequencies that are built to incite calm and relaxation in the listener.


Participants must lie on their backs, get comfortable, and listen to the melodic sounds that dissolve energy blocks, release stress and tension within the body, and even balance emotions.

Or if not, at the very least, you'll be significantly more chilled out than you were before.

"During these strange times, we wanted to reach out to those cocooned at home, and for those without the luxury of a bath," said VOYA. "As they should not miss out on this authentic way of self healing."

The Sound Bath should only be played when a person is lying down or sitting comfortably. It should not be played while driving or operating heavy machinery.


You can check out a 12 minute taster of VOYA's Sound Bath here and below: