The surprise natural ingredient that can banish those dark circles 4 years ago

The surprise natural ingredient that can banish those dark circles

Sick of hearing how tired you're looking these days?

Many of us suffer from the dreaded under-eye bags, or dark circles, making us look more or less permanently exhausted, despite both getting enough sleep and religiously applying expensive eye creams.

The thing is, when it comes to banishing this problem, experts are now claiming what you eat is more important than what you apply.

And while an overall healthy diet will no doubt have a positive effect on your skin in general, when it comes to getting rid of puffy under-eye circles, experts are now buzzing about one ingredient in particular: Barley.


Turns out; this little super-grain can stimulate the stem cells in the thin under-eye skin to grow thicker collagen, which then leads to tighter skin – meaning, of course, less baggage and a younger appearance.

And while only a few skincare products have started using barley directly in their products, there is mounting evidence that including more barley in your diet will indeed lead to great things for your skin.

For instance, barley is rich in zinc, which helps repair skin quickly, and, according to experts, it also boasts a whole host of other healing and rejuvenating properties.