The biggest beauty trends you’ll be seeing in 2021, according to Pinterest 1 year ago

The biggest beauty trends you’ll be seeing in 2021, according to Pinterest

Once December hits, there are certain things that are pretty much all-but-certain to be popping up in our social media feeds. 

The Instagram top 9. A seemingly never-ending stream of holiday recipes (which, lets face it, all end up being pretty delicious even if we can't make them just as well). Gift guide after gift guide. The photos of the twinkling Christmas lights, or the fully decorated trees. 


And, of course, a look into what we’re going to be seeing a lot of in the months ahead — like the Pinterest trend report, which does a deep dive into the biggest and best trends for the next year.

For 2021, the company have put a bit of a new spin on things — with Pinterest Predicts classifying itself as a ‘not-yet-trending’ report. And, as they note, eight of their 10 predictions for 2020 came true — which has us keeping our fingers crossed we’ll be seeing a lot more of their beauty predictions. 

When it comes to what people are going to be doing with their skincare and beauty routines, it’s looking like one of the big emerging trends is skinimalism. This means that people are going to start embracing slow beauty, and start letting their natural skin shine through in their day-to-day looks. 

Pinterest report that there’s been four times as many searches for how to get naturally glowing skin and for face yoga exercises, year-on-year. And it looks like a lot of people are hoping to try their hand at making their own skincare products, as there was a 110 per cent increase in search for home-made skincare. 

There was also a 180 per cent increase, year-on-year, in searches for natural everyday makeup — and a 115 per cent increase, year on year, for aloe vera face masks. 

And big, bold brows are set to be another big trend in 2021, according to the photo sharing platform. Pinterest predict that people will “embrace bold brows and experiment with statement-making styles.”


Some of the biggest trends people have been searching for? There’s been a 35 per cent year-on-year increase in searches for colourful brows, and a 50 per cent increase year-on-year for ombre powder brows. People have also been searching for goth eyebrows (120 per cent increase) and bleached eyebrows (160 per cent increase). 

Pinterest are also predicting, when it comes to makeup, that 2021 is going to be “about feelin’ cute” — and a whole lot of colourful makeup and nails. There’s been six times as many searches, year-on-year, for butterfly eye makeup, and four times more people looking for indie makeup. When it comes to nail polish and nail art, there’s been 21 times as many people looking for indie nails, year-on-year, and nine times as many people looking for smiley face nail-art.

You can find the full list of trends at Pinterest Predicts here.