This is the €10 product Olivia Palermo's makeup artist uses for acne 3 years ago

This is the €10 product Olivia Palermo's makeup artist uses for acne

From curling your hair with pencils to using garlic for getting rid of whiteheads, the random beauty tricks just keep on coming.



The latest one is using eyeshadow primer to help conceal blemishes and considering this hack comes from Jessica Alba's makeup guru, I'm pretty much sold.

It does sound random, using a product for your eyes to help cover a spot but Daniel Martin is an expert, and his reasoning actually makes sense.

Daniel, who also works with Jessica Alba, says that NYX Proof It eyeshadow primer is currently his product of choice.

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Speaking to Byrdie, Daniel explained how this is his go-to simply because "it's like glue".

You're probably wondering what sets it apart from the various concealers on the market and the game-changing reason for this one is the fact that it is a 'paste' that has the power to properly hide a blemish.


The best thing about it is the fact that even if the spot has come to a head (yes this means you've probably given in to the temptation of popping it) the primer will seal up the broken skin.


Considering that those painful under the skin blemishes tend to arrive when you least expect them, this trick should help you to disguise the spot in next to no time.

No more last-minute panic because you have the spot the size of a crater on your chin and even if you do, you'll have a plan to deal with it.