The monthly treatment brides-to-be should definitely consider 3 years ago

The monthly treatment brides-to-be should definitely consider

I'm not one for keeping up a good beauty routine.

While I will always look after my skin and cleanse and tone, it could be months, or even years, between other treatments.


Take my eyebrows, for instance. I got them waxed when I was 15 and since then I've only really ever taken away stray hairs but never got them looked after.

A friend of mine got married last year and advised me to take the time to get my eyebrows done every month in the run up to the wedding. At first, I was skeptical. Why would you need to go every month?

But, after two months in, I was hooked. You would probably only need to give yourself six months in the run up to your wedding but once you're in the routine of it I guarantee you will keep it up for the foreseeable.

I started going to Claudine King on South William Street in Dublin. We had an initial consultation where she gave me advice on what shape would suit me and what I should expect in a six-month period. I've just had my sixth appointment and I couldn't recommend it enough.


Sticking with Claudine for each treatment meant that I had consistent improvement every month and didn't have to explain what I wanted every time I went in.

My eyebrows were never an issue, per say, but they definitely weren't worth boasting about. They lacked symmetry and structure with a few gaps here and there.

Now, they're much more defined and a lot thicker, without overpowering my face.

Claudine practiced my final brow treatment recently and used a medium brown dye which fades to a light/medium after a few days as I plan to get my final eyebrows done a few days before the wedding.


Here is a before and after picture, the top photo is from six months ago and the bottom one is from this week.

If you're looking to start this treatment it's important to pick a reliable therapist who will be able to maintain monthly visits.

In terms of shape, Claudine advises that you stick to what suits you best. She says:


"These days, most people dream of having big, high fashion brows but the look doesn't suit everyone, particularly those with deep set eyes and a small brow bone.

"Brows are beautified to enhance and open the eye and anything too heavy will do the exact opposite and overshadow the eye socket. Maintain realistic expectations and listen to the advice given by your professional therapist."

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