The quick-dry nail polish that will help you get the perfect manicure at home 2 months ago

The quick-dry nail polish that will help you get the perfect manicure at home

I’ve always been a bit of a disaster when it comes to painting my own nails. 

My left hand usually ends up with polish everywhere but the nails, or I’ve ended up with flecks of bright pink nail polish in my hair (yeah, I'm not too sure how that happened, either). 

But with lockdown in place and my gel polish growing out a lot longer than I probably should have let it, it was time to give it another shot. 

After taking off my gel polish last month, I realised I didn’t have any colourful nail polishes at home, and so I ordered two bottles from Essie’s ExprEssie range.

The quick-dry polish ends up drying within a minute or so, and the colour is so strong that you usually only need one coat (or maybe a thin second one, depending on the shade). 

There’s 20 different colours included in the range, with colours ranging from neutrals to shimmers. 

“You are guaranteed to find the nude nail polish or red nail polish you've been dreaming of,” the company notes. 

And while the polish does dry very quickly - usually within a minute or so - it’s the brush that’s a particular game-changer. 

The bespoke angled brush is designed for quick and smooth application - and to be used with both hands. 

So, there’s no more nail polish smudges from using your non-dominant hand or from accidentally brushing still-wet polish against something. 

It really couldn’t be easier to use. 

Boots have the range on their website, with some of the colours currently available to order online for €9.99.