Warning issued about popular tanning product 6 years ago

Warning issued about popular tanning product

There has been a sharp surge in seizures of tanning injections being purchased over the internet in the country.

RTÉ report that the Health Products Regulatory Authority has issued a warning over the illegal injections, with 305 seizures in 2015 compared to four in 2014 and five in 2013.


The products come in powder form and in some cases with a solution you dissolve the powder into, and they are mixed and injected into the stomach with an insulin needle.

They encourage the production of melanin, which causes the pigmentation of the skin to darken.

However side effects can be very serious and include depression and heart issues, and there are also links established between the injections and skin cancer and strokes.

It's really not worth it. Try grabbing your Cocoa Brown and tanning mitt instead.