There's a real-life Rapunzel and we WANT her hair 1 year ago

There's a real-life Rapunzel and we WANT her hair

This is the longest hair we've ever seen.

It's a serious statement these days to be sporting waist length hair, Vanessa Hudgens recently stepped out with Rapunzel inspired hair and we got all the feels.

Waist length is one thing, how would you feel about rocking the floor length look?

Latvian Aliaa More has been growing her hair for over 20 years! The 27-year-old now boasts an impressive mane of 90-inch-long locks. Seriously check out this length.


In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, Aliaa revealed that she combs her hair for an hour each day and she only washes it once a week.

The modern day Rapunzel has the added perks of rarely needing to buy shampoo, as she's sent plenty of free products to try.

We think it looks amazing, although we're not jealous of the shower/drain situation, and we hope to god nobody is trying to climb up it! Ouch.






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