WATCH - This '100 Years Of Irish Beauty' Video Is Pretty Controversial 6 years ago

WATCH - This '100 Years Of Irish Beauty' Video Is Pretty Controversial

It's the day after St. Patrick's Day and feelings of patriotism are still no doubt running high among a lot of people (if patriotism is your thing).

A YouTube Channel called WatchCut Video, which is famous for its 100 Years Of Beauty series, has uploaded an Irish edition of the project, chronicling the evolution of Irish women's fashion over the last 100 years.


It starts out as one screen and then turns into a split screen following the split between Northern Ireland and the Republic, and this is where it gets controversial.

In the 1970s portion of the video, we see the woman in the Republic with long flowing hair facing the camera, while she wears a beret and brandishes a rifle in the Northern Ireland half of the screen. Oh dear.


Josh Potter, who was involved in the video said: "We used a look inspired by women who were fighting in the Irish Republican Army. Whether or not we were glorifying violence or terrorism by including the IRA look was a question I asked of myself and I think we asked of each other."


"I wanted to use the look simply because it reflected the violence of the time period. I think we would have done a disservice to the project by leaving that look out, because that would have whitewashed a large part of North Ireland's history."

Obviously, the desire to be historically accurate is admirable, but we're not sure that this is the most tasteful way of doing it.

Watch the video below:


Video and Images via YouTube/Watchcut Video