Glitter fans definitely need to try this magical colour-changing lip balm 11 months ago

Glitter fans definitely need to try this magical colour-changing lip balm

Find yourself mindlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed?

Then chances are you've seen Winky Lux products pop up in your Explore tab at least once - if not more.

The viral makeup brand is best known for their swoon (and double-tap) worthy beauty products, from their clear lipsticks with actual flowers to their creamy and pigmented eyeshadows.

But, of their most shimmery beauty releases,  it's the Glimmer Balm  that's really caught our eye.

The pill-shaped casing houses a new take on the brand's Flower Balm lip stain. However, this time around, there's a shimmery blue, pink and purple shimmer instead.

The balm, which has "been sprinkled with pixie dust and kissed by unicorns personally for you", goes on clear before combining with the pH in the wearer's skin.

Which means that each time someone new wears it,a perfect-for-you pink stain - with plenty of shimmer.


There's also the 24KT Gold Balm, which will give your makeup routine a glamorous new update.

The limited edition lip product is similar to the Glimmer Balm in that it reacts with your lips' natural pH levels to create a customised pink lip stain.

But with a subtle hint of gold, and a soothing coconut scent, it's a definite must-have for the makeup bag.

The third of the company's lip launches for 2018 is the Mini Lip Pill Kit, a pint-sized take on their popular matte formula.

The lipsticks have been shrunk down to half their normal size - making it ideal to pack in your makeup bag while traveling, or if you simply want to test out a range of different shades.

The cream-to-matte formula comes in five shades: Meow (pink), Pippy (mauve), Royal (purple), City (plum), and Heart (red).