This is apparently how long you should be washing your face for 6 months ago

This is apparently how long you should be washing your face for

Now, this is interesting.

It seems that we have been washing our faces completely wrong for years, who would have known?


According to qualified skincare consultant and facial practitioner and part time TikToker Mattie Lacey-Davidson, or @mattie.skincare, most of us aren't washing our faces for long enough each day.

Mattie told her followers that you should be giving your face scrub for at least 60 seconds before you rinse to allow your cleansers to work the way they need to.

While we like to think we do it for a minute, we secretly know we're just exaggerating 30 seconds in our heads.

She told her followers: "Think about it. It's a wash-off product so it needs time on the skin to work. I always do it for 60 seconds. If I'm double-cleansing, that's 60 seconds each."

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60 seconds can feel a lot longer when all you're doing is washing your face, but one person has a solution that will kill two birds with one stone, writing: "Face wash on... brush teeth... wash off face wash."

This person is our hero, and we'll be hopping on that as soon as possible.


This isn't the only beauty hack going viral in recent weeks, TikTokers are also telling us to put our beauty blenders in the freezer before using them.

According to Purewow, it was user @iki.x who introduced the hack earlier this autumn, and the video went viral soon after. Users loved the hack, with many commenting that freezing their sponges beforehand really did help blend their foundation better. And some even pointed to how they loved the cooling effect, as it both soothes and calms the skin.