This Is How Often You SHOULD Be Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes... 5 years ago

This Is How Often You SHOULD Be Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes...

We know we should clean our makeup brushes more than we do but we always seem to say we’ll do it after work but then we eat chocolate instead.

According to experts though, we should be giving them a quick clean after every couple of uses (in other words: every other day) and then a deep clean every 2-4 weeks.


This is simply because they are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and can cause skin problems including acne.


Here are a few tips on how to keep them clean…

1. For a quick clean, use a spray brush cleaner. Spritz some of it onto the brush and wipe back and forth on a tissue to remove product residue.

2. To deep clean, use a makeup brush cleanser or baby shampoo. Pour a dollop into your hand and wet the brush before swirling around in your palm until covered in suds. Rinse thoroughly before squeezing out extra moisture with a clean towel and leaving to dry.

3. To dry your brushes, place them with the bristles hanging over the edge of a counter. It’s also best to wash them at night so that they’re dry for the morning.

4. Always reshape the brush head before leaving to dry.


5. If you store your brushes in a case, make sure to clean the case regularly as well. You can also store brushes upright in a pencil holder.