This is why shaving your face is actually recommended by top makeup artists 1 year ago

This is why shaving your face is actually recommended by top makeup artists

Hair removal is such a struggle for the average girl.

We’ve been told where to shave, where to pluck, where to wax and where to avoid since the dawn of time. One place we’ve consistently avoided grooming has always been the face. The myth that shaving increases hair growth has not been sufficiently debunked for us to ever attempt to take a razor to our blushing cheeks.

However, makeup artists worldwide are condoning the practice of face shaving, citing old Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe and Liz Taylor.

World-renowned beauty blogger and makeup artist Huda is a massive advocate of removing facial hair. In a video uploaded to her YouTube channel, the blogger insists that removing the “peach fuzz” on your face has multiple benefits. Firstly she claims it is great for scars, helps exfoliate the skin and most importantly eases makeup application.

"Makeup application just becomes SO much more beautiful when you do it!" she says in a video. "I even do it to my clients before I apply their makeup, it looks SO much better."

Huda says that she uses a single razor and that the results are amazing.

“I have lasered areas that have slightly thicker hair, and def recommend that for areas around the mouth and chin, and sideburns, but if you have areas where the hair is super thin and more like peach fuzz, you may find this is your best bet!” she says.

“I recommend doing it on dry clean skin, and with short gentle movements. I find when it's on dry skin, it doesn't grow back thicker and really works best! I saw these razors everywhere in South Korea last week, and I have found mine from Amazon, I love them!”

Check out her tutorial for more advice.