This Simple Formula Will Give You The Perfect High Ponytail Every Time 3 years ago

This Simple Formula Will Give You The Perfect High Ponytail Every Time

Girls who say a ponytail is a "lazy-girl" hairstyle are LIARS.

Okay, we'll calm down, but achieving the perfect ponytail is a rarely a two-minute job for us.

Now, obviously we're not referring to the "3pm-throw-the-hair-up-to-scoff-a-croissant" ponytail.

We're referring to those perfectly positioned ponytails that are just effortlessly glam and look polished without looking try-hard.

Well, apparently, there is a formula for figuring out what the perfect ponytail for your face is.

Much like the eyebrow technique whereby you follow an imaginary line from your nostril, to the outer edge of your eye and then to where your eyebrow should end, this formula involves an imaginary line.

In order to be most flattering, the ponytail should be based in line with the cheekbone and the top of the ear.

To find the spot, draw an imaginary line backwards from the top of your cheekbone, and upwards from the top of your ear. Where the imaginary lines meet is the hot spot.

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Spotted on Marie Claire, lead hairstylist for Cutler/Redken Salon's Linh Nguyen cites the rule of thirds as his inspiration for this formula.

Linh notes that because we all have different face shapes, the formula will result in different angles for different women, however the one universal effect is cheekbones that look higher and more defined.

Yes, please.