This summer habit could be giving you premature wrinkles 6 years ago

This summer habit could be giving you premature wrinkles

So you're out enjoying the fabulous weather we've been having, lounging around in the sun, maybe having some cans. It's all good.

Obviously you've made the right preparations and slathered yourself in SPF so you don't turn a lobsteresque shade of red, and hopefully will keep wrinkles at bay for another while.


Listen, we know they're an inevitability, but to delay them at all would be really nice.

That's why this tip is something important to keep in mind.

Bring. Sunglasses. I'm always forgetting mine, but Allure have given me a reason to have them in my bag at all times and that reason is vanity.

According to Annie Chiu, a dermatologist in California:


"Repeated movements, such as squinting, cause the muscles around the eyes to form what we call dynamic wrinkles, or lines that occur with motion," says Annie Chiu, a dermatologist in Hermosa Beach, California. "Over time, with years of the same repeated movement, these lines can etch, causing creases and wrinkles around the eyes even when you are not squinting."

So pop on those shades even from the walk off the bus right into the office.

It may seem silly, but it will pay off in the long run.

Think about it, all of those two-minute walks over 10 years add up to some serious lines.


If you don't care, good for you. But I do. I'm weak.