TikTok's new contour filter shows you exactly how to perfect your makeup 10 months ago

TikTok's new contour filter shows you exactly how to perfect your makeup

The future is here.

Let's be honest, contouring can be hard.


Because everyone's face is different, there's no one size fits all approach and it can take a long time to figure out exactly what works for you - we can't all be contour queens like Kim K.

But not to worry, TikTok has come through once again with another genius hack. With numerous hair, makeup, and fashion tips and tricks, the platform has really been an absolute lifesaver at times.

Enter its latest invention: the contour filter. And it's about to help you get it right, every single time.


The filter measures out your proportions and shows you exactly where you should be putting  your contour. Blue triangles pinpoint the areas where to apply whatever product you use to contour.

And, if you're somehow who likes to contour your nose too, there's a pink line running right down the middle of the nose showing you where to highlight.

Beauty influencer and MUA Mikayla Nogueira (@mikaylanogueira) tried out the filter and was pleasantly surprised.

@mikaylanogueira Nah cause I think the filter side genuinely looks better BUT IDK LOL #makeup #beauty #contour ♬ original sound - Mikayla Nogueira

She was first hesitant about how high up the filter had marked the lines on her face, adding that she would never usually contour in that area.

She then proceeded to do it how she normally would on one side and as the filter suggests on the other. And the results speak for themselves.

"Definitely looks better," one person wrote.


"The higher side definitely lifts your face, I gotta try this! Looks great!" another said.

"I always do it higher and it works wonders," a third added.

Hundreds of MUAs and other TikTok users have joined in on the trend and the overall verdict is that it's actually really handy at helping each individual contour their own face.

How did we not know about this sooner?!