Time to relive your teens - the Juicy Tube is coming back 8 months ago

Time to relive your teens - the Juicy Tube is coming back

We feel nostalgic just looking at the packaging.

If you came of age wearing Impulse body spray, straightening your side-fringe across your forehead and coveting outfits from Jane Norman, you're about to get very excited.


Lancôme has announced that it's bringing back its iconic Juicy Tubes.

Wet-looking, frosted lips were make-up goals in the mid-00s - and anyone who was a teenager at that time will likely have saved up to buy a Juicy Tube, the glossiest of glosses.

As the 2010s rolled around, 90s-influenced beauty ushered in matte lips. The shiny, frosted look started to feel dated and the Juicy Tube was discontinued in a number of countries.

But, as with any cult product, there were always die-hard fans. Dedicated chat room threads sprang up across the internet, devoted to finding something, anything, that could compare. Now these fans will no longer have to settle for a dupe.

To celebrate 20 years since it was first released, the Juicy Tube is being relaunched in a major way.

While there were originally just eight shades, the new range has 20 different options. There are three finishes to choose from - sparkle, cream and jelly - and, like all of the products we used in the 2000s, they're scented.


The new Juicy Tubes are now available from Sephora internationally but, sadly, we don't have any word yet on where or when they'll be on sale in Ireland. Once we do hear, you'll be the first to know.