I tried Benefit's virtual eyebrow tool and it's pretty genius 2 years ago

I tried Benefit's virtual eyebrow tool and it's pretty genius

Very handy.

Today makeup chain Benefit Cosmetics launched a clever new tool that I think you are going to like. Achieving the perfect brow or trying to figure out the correct brow for you can be a bloody nightmare, but now it looks to be a thing of the past thanks to this new app. I repeat no more dodgy waxes or over plucking. No no.

This new clever tool actually allows you to virtually try on eyebrows - so you can find the correct shape and style for yourself before even stepping foot into the beautician.

Benefit Cosmetics has teamed with ModiFace to create this new innovative tool that literally leaves you "try on" brows in real-time 3D video. Amazing.

As a sceptic of anything new, I decided to try the new tool for myself and I found that some brow shapes severely don't suit me and that the "natural" look is definitely the one I will be staying with.

Now as a disclaimer... I DID just get my eyebrows done the other day and I have quite thick black eyebrows naturally, so I could be biased by saying this app is "wonderful" - however it's free and very easy to use so I would definitely recommend you give it a whirl too, you've nothing to loose.

So to use the app, here is how.

Firstly, you will click here. Then it will ask you to take a picture in natural light (preferably away from people as Jade tried to ruin mine).

Secondly, it will ask you to align the markers with your eyebrows to ensure the virtual brows land in the correct place.

Next, you will get a choice of 15 brow shapes to play around with. All you have to do is click the brow icon to change the eyebrows onto your own face. Magic.

Below, I went for more of an "arched" shape to my usual.

I then went for a "thicker" look which is a serious NO from me, those brows are bushy enough.

The pencil look also does not suit me and is quite frightening to look at.

The tool also allows you to play with colour, thickness, definition and shade, meaning you could spend ages altering and creating your perfect brow.

When you finally think you have created your perfect brow, click finish and it will bring you to a conclusion announcing the name of your brow shape and any handy tools such as pencils and gels that will help you create that brow in future.

I was told that my preferred shape was the "natural" and advised to get the 04 Goof Proof eyebrow pencil.

Overall, I think the app is a gas little invention and something worth trying before your next wax. I most certainly give it the thumbs up!