Tried & Tested – Billion Dollar Brows 7 years ago

Tried & Tested – Billion Dollar Brows

Slowly but surely over the last few years, the beauty industry has become obsessed with brows. Sure, we all plucked/waxed/filled-in where appropriate (sloppily and maybe a few days late, or was that just us?), but did we ever pay as much attention to the brows in years passed as we do now?

The plethora of products and procedures now on the market for brow-beaten ladies are testament to the fact that it’s become accepted beauty knowledge – brows frame your face and have a huge impact on your overall beauty ‘look’.


With that in mind, we headed off to Revive Express Beauty on Dublin’s Milltown Road to put Billion Dollar Brows to the test. Billed as the only cosmetic company dedicated exclusively to eyebrows, the experts promised to help us achieve an “outstanding and individual brow shape that will wow” in a few simple steps.

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As anyone who has ever over-plucked or suffered at the hands of an enthusiastic waxer will know, a bad brow experience is a very unpleasant thing indeed, and your own hand is not always sufficient when it comes to damage control. Billion Dollar Brows takes all the guesswork out of creating perfect brows with its unique brow shaping products.

The company originated in LA, the first ‘office’ was the living room of founders Natalie and Bob Plain. Their initial idea was for a product: a conditioning treatment that would help to restore thin and sparse eyebrows. And so, Brow Boost was born. Within one year, the product was a huge success and more additions to the line just kept on coming. Now, Billion Dollar Brows offer a wealth of products both online and through salons across the globe.

Using the (admittedly lovely) products yourself is one thing though – a fast fix is the beauty Holy Grail, so can you walk into a salon with brows beyond their best, and walk out with a better arch, shape and fill? Happily, the answer is yes.

Jess before shot

Jess after shot


Before and after: one Billion Dollar Brows client

Though we’d happily have stayed in Revive for the day, you can be in and out in fifteen minutes for this treatment. Andrea first sat me down for a consultation, using the Brow Buddy and white pencil, and determined how to shape my brows. The white line marks mean you as a client can approve the shape before the ‘no going back’ mark. Using these lines, Andrea then waxed, trimmed and and shaped a perfectly symmetrical brow. As part of the standard BDB procedure steps, the Brow Artists uses an after wax treatment to remove any excess wax and gently massages the temples and brow lines. Using BDB Brow Powder, Brow Gel and Brow Duo Pencil, the Brow Artist will create a makeup finish that will enhance your new, perfectly manicured brows. The lovely Andrea and the team at Revive take you out to the Bare Minerals station where they touch up your makeup. Of course the mineral makeup is perfect for cover-up on your post-wax, sensitive skin.

You do have the option to buy the products used, but there is no pressure on you to do so. That said, we’ve since found a permanent place in our makeup bag for the Brow Duo Pencil, the double-ended Highlighter and Concealer.

A week after treatment, we're still hugely impressed with the results. The shape is perfect, and maintenance is minimal. We'll be back. After all, everyone wants to feel like a billion dollars...



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