The Irish release date for the new Naked palette has finally been announced 3 years ago

The Irish release date for the new Naked palette has finally been announced

They've answered our prayers.

It's hard to remember life before the incredible Naked palette was first launched back in 2010 (yes, really!).

Each palette that followed the previous was incredibly sought after and while we always loved Urban Decay, the creation of Naked eye-shadow palettes really put them on the map and in everyone's makeup bags.

So we were more than excited to find out that they have launched a new version of the prestigious palette which is called Naked Ultimate Basics.

And now the Irish release date has finally been announced. The palettes will go one sale online exclusively at Debenhams on September 28th.


The palette contains 12 brand new shades which range from a soft subtle Blow to a fierce, dark Blackjack and we want to try them all.


We were even happier when we found out that this one was based on the customer's response to their previous palettes.

They posted a video to Instagram on Monday which included a huge amount of tweets from make-up lovers requesting a matte version of the popular cosmetic.

The caption on the video reads:

"When we say we listen to you, we mean it."

"All over social media, UD junkies have been begging us for a new Naked palette with more neutral matte shades—and we came through! We loaded Naked Ultimate Basics with 12 ALL-NEW must-have neutrals, from cool to warm—all with a little edge that makes them Naked."

It's amazing to see what the power of social media can do!