VIDEO: Young Couple See Themselves Aged 70 Years 8 years ago

VIDEO: Young Couple See Themselves Aged 70 Years

Kristie and Tavis are getting married next month.

Both in their 20s, the pair are (naturally enough) hoping to have a long and happy married life together. But how will they see each other when 70 years have passed?


In this video, watch as makeup and prosthetic artists helped the young couple to visualise what it would be like to see themselves in their 90s.

Kristie’s mother was a big fan of the project, telling her daughter it would be “a treat... because we’ll probably be gone at that age. And we’ll get to see what you would look like! How cool.”

Kristie herself found the project really emotional, saying tearfully: “It’s a really affecting thing to see someone you’ve known since you were 19, in their 70s, and imagine what life would be like then.”