Stunning! We had a look at Jo Malone's new collection 3 years ago

Stunning! We had a look at Jo Malone's new collection


I popped along to have the chats with the Jo Malone press team when they visited from London this week and they had some very exciting news.


On March 1, the much-loved fragrance brand launches a new collection and having looked at it personally, I can tell you it's fabulous.

The type of fabulous that I want to buy all five scents but you know, real life, bills and all that jazz.

If I really, really, really had to pick, I'd opt for the Primrose & Rye (notes of mimosa which remind me of one of my favourites, Mimosa and Cardamom).

However, they're all gorgeous, I'm also totally crazy about Poppy & Cornflower (a hint of hazelnut too, extremely yummy FYI)

The five scents are listed below with a brief description for each and the only problem you'll have is choosing which scent to buy before they sell out.

Primrose & Rye is filled with sunshine on a base of vanilla and rye (LOVE this one).


Oat & Cornflower, a mix of corn owers, hazelnut and a vetiver base resulting in a warm, cosy scent.

Honey & Crocus, a super sweet concoction consisting of almond milk, crocuses, lavender and honey.

Poppy & Barley amounts to an unusual combination of blackcurrant, poppies, white musk, poppy and barley.

Green Wheat & Meadowsweet, in a word, fresh. Crisp wheat, meadowsweet and a zesty dash of grapefruit.


Master Perfumer Mathilde Bijaoui created the delicious scents and dedicated Jo Malone fans will be interested to know that she's also the brains behind Myrrh & Tonka Cologne Intense and the limited-edition Holiday 2017 scent, Green Almond & Redcurrant.