The 5 emotional stages of going to the hairdressers after lockdown 6 months ago

The 5 emotional stages of going to the hairdressers after lockdown

It's happening, guys. It's here.

The reopening of hair salons.


It's an exciting time for all involved, and if you happen to be one of the incredibly lucky people who managed to get a hair appointment before the end of June, good for you, congrats, not jealous at all.

Getting your hair done after such a long period of personal grooming abandonment is a big deal. It's something that has desperately needed to happen for months on end. It's glorious. It's special.

Returning to the hairdressers after such a long time is a big moment: one rife with emotions. Here's five of them:

1. Excitement 

It's happening, it's finally happening.

You've got your appointment, you're in the salon, you're sitting in the chair, someone is washing your hair and it's not you and they're using actual decent products.

It's a whole new world, and you're simply delighted to be a part of it.


2. Disbelief 

This can't be happening. Are you really here? With all of these people?

Practicing great social distancing and health and safety procedures but still indoors with a selection of strangers, one who is touching your head quite intimately?

You could be dreaming, you think. But you're not. This is real life. And it's beautiful.


3. Wonder

Did salons always boast so many bright hanging lights? Was there always this number of mirrors?

Did the stylists always have this sheer amount of ferocious chat pre-pandemic? Have they simply been missing this as much as you have?

Who cares. This place is magical. You're never leaving.


4. Intense fear 

The stylist has just asked you if you've got any holidays planned for the summer and the both of you freeze, part in shock, part in shame.

She quickly recovers and makes a joke about still living a pre-Covid life, but you can't get her words out of your head. If she's asking about holidays, is she okay? Is she doing alright? Should she really be back working if her brain is short circuiting to a time before the pandemic; a simpler time, a better time?

What if she loses control mid-trim and destroys your fringe? What if she leaves the dye on too long and your scalp starts to burn? What if she accidentally gives you a one all over?


You begin to question your decision to book into a salon so early. It's too soon. It's too raw. You're not ready for this. None of us are. What are we doing?!

5. Acceptance 

This is fine. It's all fine. In fact, it's more than fine - it's great.

Your hair is done. It looks class. You can finally leave the house again with throwing on a headband or your fella's awful snapback from 2012.

You're you again. Congrats.