Yeah sorry, you've probably been putting concealer over your spots wrong 4 years ago

Yeah sorry, you've probably been putting concealer over your spots wrong

If you've ever used concealer, chances are you put it over some spots.

You woke up one day, looked in the mirror, and realised that you had suffered the mother of all breakouts.


Or just one single spot had erupted onto your face but in a super inconvenient place like your chin or your eyebrow or that place just beneath your nose where if you accidentally hit off of it you're in an absolute world of pain that nothing and nobody can ever quell.

Pretty grim, like.

Still though, things can get decidedly less grim when you've got a bit of concealer floating about to dab on. You'd hardly know you had any spots at all.

... Except you might though. Here's why.


Your typical concealers are great for hiding dark circles and highlighting areas of the skin that need a bit of brightening.

It makes sense then that if you put some of this straight on your spots, you might end up drawing attention to the blemish instead of away from it.

So, what's a gal to do in this treacherous situation?


Just use some green colour corrector instead.

Dab a little bit of that stuff over your spot to neutralise the redness and then use some of your standard regular concealer afterwards to give your skin that flawless finish we all so boldly crave.

After that, throw on your foundation and your powder and your seven highlighter sticks or whatever else it is you need to make yourself look class.


Not a bother.