You’re Not Going To Believe The Grooming Trick This Woman Used To Get Such Shiny Hair… 9 years ago

You’re Not Going To Believe The Grooming Trick This Woman Used To Get Such Shiny Hair…

If you’re anything like us at Her towers, we all have a favourite shampoo/ conditioner/ hair spray/ *insert grooming product here*.

The fact is we’ve come to rely on these little potions to have somewhat manageable hair. So what if we told you this woman didn’t use shampoo or any cleaning products for two and a half years?


A new ‘shampoo-free’ movement has started, and blogger Lucy Aitken spent the last two years letting her hair’s natural ability to self-cleanse act as her shampoo and conditioner.

Aitken started the project in a bid to avoid chemicals while being economically and environmentally friendly. While using natural alternatives to standard hair cleaning products, she moved on to simply washing her hair with water.

While blogging about her transitioning period, (the point where your hair stops over-producing oils which shampoos typically strip them of), Aitken believes you’ll be over the worst of it:

"If you stick at it, it DOES work. But sticking at it is really hard. Realistically, you will go through a least a couple of months of unhappy hair. You need quite a lot of motivation to get through that first bit."


In her book, 'Happy Hair', Lucy offers tips for avoiding the inevitable stage of musty smelling hair, saying that now her locks are thicker, shinier and full of volume.

While we’re not sure we’d be prepared to ditch the shampoo bottle just yet, the blogger offers readers interested in trying it out for themselves to wean themselves off chemicals by using un-shampoo - non-foaming lotions that promise to clean, nourish and protect your hair with their plant oil formulas.

Whether you’re prepared to try it yourself, we can’t deny her hair looks pretty healthy.

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