The Anna Daly column: why we should think more like blokes... when it comes to job specs anyway 2 years ago

The Anna Daly column: why we should think more like blokes... when it comes to job specs anyway

Thinking about going back to work or changing jobs?

Maybe you’re thinking about creating a new brand or developing a brave start-up business? Well that’s super.


Us women (girls!) are pretty incredible multi-taskers, creative thinkers and have courage and strength to do pretty much anything, in life and in business. Deep down we all this know this, we just need convincing sometimes and kind partners and friends who remind us of this.

However, and bear with me here, there’s times when we think to think like a man. Before some of you flip out, hear me out.

As the host of various women in business events recently and as an attentive listener at the Image Business Woman of the Year awards last week there’s a common thread that keeps showing up. When there’s a list of criteria for a job spec, we see the bits we can’t do. The roles we are not necessarily experts at. The qualification we don’t hold. What do men see? The exact opposite.

They have an incredible way of overseeing the elements they lack and have the fantastic ability to concentrate on the stuff they have. They look at it with a sense of confidence and ability. Us girls doubt ourselves. I’m generalising hugely here of course but I’ve heard this story more than once at various conferences and it does ring through.

I could meet 9 out of 10 requirements but the one I don’t have could hold me back from applying. You the same? Why not, going forward, focus on the positives and then decide you’re going to blow them away with your ability in the interview? They’ll soon oversee the one or two requirements you’re missing because they like you.


And speaking of the interviewer liking you, Feargal Quinn (the founder of Superquinn all those years ago and general retail supremo) once told me that someone’s smile in the first few seconds of entering a room can land them a job.

The first thing we do when we’re nervous is forget to smile. So, in conclusion, change your mindset on that list of requirements and take the lead from the lads. Represent yourself well when you get there and don’t underestimate the power of someone simply liking you.

So go knock it out of the park. Good luck!


 Anna Daly is an award-winning anchor on Virgin Media’s flagship breakfast show,Weekend AM. Throughout her career she's interviewed the likes of Kate Winslet, Helen Mirren, and Khloe Kardashian.

The 42-year-old (she still feels 32!) is married to Ben and they have three gorgeous boys: James (7), Euan (5), and Rhys (2). Life is busy and home is noisy... but Anna wouldn’t have it any other way.

Anna is from Dublin and loves a tidy house (a rare occurrence!), good white wine, and great mates. She hates bad manners, queue skippers, and poor coffee.

Her latest project comes in the form of - where she muses about the likes of fashion, travel, and interiors (as well as a bit of that wine!).


Otherwise, Anna is ambassador for Temple Street Children’s Hospital, the Marie Keating Foundation, and Mothercare Ireland. We're very proud that she's now joined us here... our newest columnist and member of the squad.