A very large amount of us think we'll end up making more money than our parents 3 years ago

A very large amount of us think we'll end up making more money than our parents

Very interesting.

Are you happy in your job? Your career? Do you see progression? And do you believe in the company you work for?


There has been a negative shift in Irish millennials’ feelings about business’ motivations and ethics in the past year. While a lot of people are happy in their careers, they are also disappointed that business leaders and owners don't prioritise making a broader societal impact. 'It's just all about the money', right?

Deloitte conducted a Millennial Survey to find out millennials’ outlook on Irish society, their opinion of Irish businesses, loyalty to their current employers and the gig economy.

48 percent of millennials expect the overall economic situation in Ireland to improve over the next 12 months – a decrease from 56 percent the last time a survey was conducted.

40 percent believe that they will be financially better off than their parents, while 31 percent agree that they will be happier than their parents, too.


When it comes to businesses, a lot believe that they're only there to make money and will not make any real change in the world.

82 percent of millennials think businesses focus on their own agendas rather than considering society in general, while 64 percent believe that businesses have no ambition beyond wanting to make that sweet moola.

The need for flexibility is extremely evident from the survey too, as 40 percent of those who answered in Ireland are joining or considering the gig economy instead of a full-time job.

68 percent are also undertaking or considering freelance work to supplement a full- or part-time job.