Fart App Lets Users Know What Foods Give You Wind 8 years ago

Fart App Lets Users Know What Foods Give You Wind

“Get smart about your fart”: Looks like there really is an app for everything.

In a bid to teach people more about the nutritional stuff behind some of your bodily functions, ad agency Goodby, Silverstein and Partners have come up with a new app that centres on farts.


Fart Code allows smartphone users to scan barcodes of products to discover which foods will make them feel gassy and how horrible their wind will be ranging from “stinky” to “toxic”.

The app also shows you a list of ingredients that will cause gas and goes as far as to imaging what your potential fart might sound like (which you can of course share with friends).

“Our dream is that kids have fun and laugh and discover the ingredients in the foods they eat” said app co-creator Chris Allick told Animal New York.

“We thought it would be fun for kids while at the grocery store and they could see that certain foods have more ingredients while others have very few.


“This might lead to a conversation with parents about nutrition, but we didn’t want to beat anyone over the head with this message”.

Have a look at the app in action below: