'A goal without a plan is a wish...' Nikki Bradley is bad-ass - and she has THIS advice 4 years ago

'A goal without a plan is a wish...' Nikki Bradley is bad-ass - and she has THIS advice

Here at Her, we're all about strong, powerful females with strong, powerful voices.

Which is why the forthcoming Women's Empowerment Summit is right up our street. Packed with inspirational speakers, the full-day Dublin event has us all sorts of extremely excited.


On stage will be the likes of best-selling author Donna Kennedy and PayPal's Louise Phelan, as well as our very own Maximum Media CEO, Katie Molony (hurrah!).

Taking place this forthcoming Sunday, March 26 in the Talbot Hotel in Dublin, and kicking off at 8am with a jam-packed, inspirational schedule, we reckon this has the potential to be a life-changing kinda day.

Here, #WESummit speaker and athlete Nikki Bradley shares her top eight top for success with Her users.

Nikki was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer at 16 and received a second total right hip replacement at 26. Despite her challenges, Nikki has scaled the Sólheimajökull glacier in Iceland on crutches and has abseiled off one of Ireland’s most iconic lighthouses, Fanad Head in Co. Donegal. Red Bull also documented her amazing story earlier this year.

Here's what she told us...


1) See obstacles as opportunities:

If something gets in your way, use it as an opportunity to test your strength under pressure. Your true self will come out when stressed. If you don’t like what you see this is your opportunity to change it.

2) A goal without a plan is just a wish:

Goal setting is essential. Having a short and long term plan will be the difference  between merely getting by and truly excelling in your chosen career. Set goals for everything. Become competitive with yourself and always strive to push a little further every day.

3) Appreciate the value in networking:


If you have agreed to go to a networking event but feel you have lost the motivation to go, MAKE YOURSELF GO ANYWAY. I guarantee you will meet at least one person who could become a valued connection.

4) Being confident does not make you arrogant:

Do not apologise for having confidence in yourself. Irish people are especially bashful which is an admirable trait, however, having a strong belief in yourself is what make good women great

5) Be kind on your way to the top:


If you got to the top and turned around to find no one there to celebrate your success, how would you feel? Pretty lonely I would imagine. Treat people well in both business and in life and you will never stop reaping the benefits.

6) Get a mentor:

I can’t stress this enough. I have had numerous mentors over the years and I know I will continue to have them for years to come. Find someone who is doing what you want to do and ask them to advise you. This will be the best thing you ever do.

7) Use social media for good not evil


Social media is the best advertising tool you can have and better still, it is FREE. Use it wisely. Brand yourself well and NEVER have public arguments online. Once it is out there it never goes away. Remember that.

8) Know when to switch-off

This is so important. If you work for yourself especially, know when to close the laptop and go home. Remember that life is for living. There is a world of adventure out there, don’t miss out because you are in the office 24/7. Find your work/life balance.

Find out more about the Women's Empowerment Summit here.