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It's a tough market out there, so if you're on the job hunt, it's best to take all the advice you can get on improving your chances.

Usually that involves adding certain talents and wins to your CV, but new analysis by PayScale suggests you should actually be concentrating on removing certain skills if you want to get your foot in the door.

According to the data company's research, 25 skills led to a negative pay gap of 15.4 per cent.

The solution? If you spot any of these on your CV, delete them or reword them for applying for your next job:

1. Filing

2. Property management

3. Data entry

4. Bookkeeping

5. AS/400


6. Call centre

7. Help desk/help support

8. Collections

9. Intuit QuickBooks

10. Delphi

11. Packaging

12. Computer hardware technician

13. Plumbing


14. Administration

15. Pricing

16. System repair

17. Shipping

18. Document preparation

19. Customer service

20. Dreamweaver

21. Online research


22. Paying invoices

23. Phone support

24. Wordpress

25. Typing

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