'Be kind...' Sile Seoige's 8 tips for success (and some of them are pretty random) 4 years ago

'Be kind...' Sile Seoige's 8 tips for success (and some of them are pretty random)

Here at Her, we're all about strong, powerful females with strong, powerful voices.

Which is why the forthcoming Women's Empowerment Summit is right up our street. Packed with inspirational speakers, the full-day Dublin event has us all sorts of extremely excited.


On stage will be the likes of best-selling author Donna Kennedy and PayPal's Louise Phelan, as well as our very own Maximum Media CEO, Katie Molony (hurrah!).

Taking place this forthcoming Sunday, March 26 in the Talbot Hotel in Dublin, and kicking off at 8am with a jam-packed, inspirational schedule, we reckon this has the potential to be a life-changing kinda day.

Here, WES speaker and celebrated broadcaster (as well as qualified yoga instructor) Sile Seoige gives her exclusive eight top tips for success and for being a powerful woman in 2017 Ireland...

1) Be real: 
Don't be afraid to speak your mind! Of course it goes without saying, it's always important to consider the impact and power of your words. But being true to yourself is crucial to contentment in business and life. Be sincere and true to your word; authenticity is vital for your own wellbeing.

2) Know the importance of gratitude:
Recognising all you have to be thankful for will make it easier for you to feel joy. So keep a gratitude journal. Write down all the things you have to be happy about. Being grateful will bring more abundance into your life.


3) Make no assumptions:
Miscommunications and crossed wires can lead to heartache. Practice non judgement on a daily basis and let go of hurt. Don't take things personally.

4) Breathe:
If you're struggling; under stress, or feeling confused, then simply breathe and be present. Make sure to be gentle with yourself. All is good. Become aware of your thoughts and release yourself from any negative thinking. Practice meditation. Things are not as bad as you may think.

5) Embrace change:
As they say; magic happens outside your comfort zone. Accept that fear will be a player in your life but you can decide how much of a hold it has on you. Be brave and take that leap of faith!

6) Go with the flow
Let go of control and just go with it! Open your mind and be present. Being flexible in your thoughts and actions will lead to more progression in your career.

7) Be vulnerable
Embracing your flaws is a strength. Accept them. Let go of perfection, it doesn't exist. Recognising your weaknesses allows the potential for change to happen.


8) Have FUN!
Follow your heart and do what makes you happy! Work to your strengths and try your best. We are all different and have our own unique talents. Trust in your own abilities.

Find out more about the Women's Empowerment Summit here.