Supermac's could soon be offering up HEALTHY chips 1 year ago

Supermac's could soon be offering up HEALTHY chips

Could this be the end of the infamous chip as we know it?

Let's be honest, we all love a good chunky chip, and the Supermac's chip is up there with The Book Of Kells in terms of popularity amongst us Irish.

Whether it's the middle of the afternoon, or long after hours, those plastic containers filled to the brim with potato make us very happy.

Speaking to Nick Webb on JOE's business podcast The Capital B, the man behind Supermac's Pat McDonagh, let us in on a little secret. The fast food chain are moving with the times and introducing fresh and healthy options in order to compete with the influx of quick-serve health food stores;

"Healthy eating has come into the fore and everyone has to adjust, people focused on health food are doing quite well. They're taking up the idea that's come in from the US and ran with it. But you'll always have people who want to have a burger, what we've done is gone the fresh route with beef, the fresh route with chicken and we'll be going the fresh route with the chips in the not so distant future".

So the big question... will the chips taste better? Pat is sure of it;

"You can't beat anything that's fresh, that's why the chicken sandwich tastes so good, it's because it's a fresh product. Anything that you freeze  loses some of it's quality. Likewise with the fresh meats, there's a better taste, better flavour, it's better quality across the board, and we know this because we're selling more of them".

Listen in to the full interview with Pat McDonagh at 3.46 below:



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