Turns out, Snapchat spectacles were a complete and utter flop 5 years ago

Turns out, Snapchat spectacles were a complete and utter flop

Were you able to get your hands on them?

Or were you even bothered? Because it turns out, not a lot of people were.


It has been reported that the sales of Snapchat's spectacles has rapidly declined since they launched just over a year ago.

According to Variety, the company "severely over-estimated" the demand for the product, and now has thousands of specs lying in a warehouse.

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Evan Spiegel, the CEO of Snap Inc, revealed at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit earlier this month that Snap had sold more than 150,000 Spectacles since they launched.


He said the he expected it to be like Apple's first iPod, where only 100,000 were sold in the first year.

However, The Information paints a different picture.

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According to the publication, insiders said the company was thrown off by the initial demand for the Spectacles, which were only available at highly publicized vending machines when they first became available.


The publication further states that in the first quarter, Snap Inc only sold 62,000 pairs of glasses, and in quarter two, it declined to 42,000.

It has also laid off dozens of hardware staff members.